"Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel"
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Accounting Services for small business and individuals
Tax Preparation service for individuals and businesses

We maintain a practice dedicated to the specific needs of small and entrepreneurial businesses, including sole proprietors, S-corporations, C-corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations. We offer a range of services specifically tailored for you and your company life cycle. Give us a call, the initial consultation is on us!

We service Southern California specifically Long Beach, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Just call. We are happy to talk with you and see how we may help  you. 

Our golden rule is to make sure our clients know just how important they are. Your time is just as valuable as our time. We take being respectful of your time very seriously and will work with you to make your tax experience as easy as possible.

No refund is guaranteed no matter what you have heard, but we will make sure you get every possible tax deduction to which you are entitled.

We appreciate your interest in C.G. Johnson & Company, whether you have aquestion or a comment, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our services and how we can work together.

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About C.G. Johnson & Company

We appreciate your interest in C.G. Johnson & Company, whether you have a question or a comment, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our services and how we can work together.

With 23 years of Individual and small business Income tax and Accounting experience, We offer resources to help assist you operate your business.

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Let us help you set up your QuickBooks
City, State, and Federal Annual Compliance

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide you with the services and resources that you need.  

We have experience in many business types and occupations, so please give us a call if you have any questions,  (818) 990-6529. If we cannot assist you, we have a great network of trusted and resources that we work with. 

Tax season is always right around the corner and we hope that we can be of service to you. We look forward to working with you!

Meet Robin Johnson, EA

CG Johnson & Company is your Long Beach, CA accounting professional. We offer accounting services for both businesses and individuals; it’s our mission to make the filing process as easy as possible for you. Your time is valuable and we want you to feel as though you’re important to us.

     As the proprietor of C.G. Johnson & Company, I feel it is very important to connect and to be hands on with my  clients.  It really is my job to help you stay in compliance and do my best to keep you away from audits.  I’ve been an accountant for over 24 years and became an Enrolled Agent (EA) in 2017.  My career started by working for my husband’s accounting firm when we first got married. Every year, I took more and more classes to become extremely proficient with the work I do. I take many hours of continuing education and ultimately achieved my EA. Tragically I lost the best mentor and partner one could ask for. I learned accounting  and business consulting from the bottom up with the support and encouragement of the best teacher, while I was earning my degree in Business.


     I love what I do and I really enjoy working with my clients. Each client offers-up diversity and of course, their own set of challenges. Those challenges help keep me on my toes and keep my head where it needs to be. I love to educate when it is appropriate. At the very least, show business owners how important their participation in the accounting process is. I think, since the buck stops with them, it is necessary to understand how the accounting process works. It is always the owner’s choice to decide how much they want to be involved with the accounting process. I believe, you do what you do, because I can’t do what you do, and that works the other way around as well. It is my biggest joy to watch my customers businesses take flight and grow.


That is the professional me in a nutshell


What is an EA?

A classic history lesson of an enrolled agent is that we are a federally licensed tax practitioner who has unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The position of enrolled agent was created as a reaction to fraudulent war loss claims in the wake of the American Civil War with roots tracing back to the General Deficiency Act of July 7, 1884,[3] or General Deficiency Appropriation Bill (H.R. 2735), also known as the "Horse Act of 1884", which was signed into law by President Chester A. Arthur on July 7, 1884. After the Civil War, many citizens faced difficulties in settling claims with the government for property confiscated for use in the war effort. As a result, Congress endowed enrolled agents with the power of advocacy to prepare claims against the government. From 1884 through the early 20th century, this statute remained largely unchanged.

When the Revenue Act of 1913 was passed, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on October 3, 1913, the scope of the enrolled agent was expanded to include claims for monetary relief for citizens whose taxes had become inequitable. As income, estate, giftand other sources of tax collections became more complex, the role of the enrolled agent increased to include the preparation of the many tax forms that were required. As a result of this complexity, audits became more prevalent and the enrolled agent role evolved into taxpayer representation, promulgating a series of statutes which were combined into a single Treasury Department Circular in February 19, 1921, known as Circular 230, to address "the laws and regulations governing the recognition of agents, attorneys, and other persons representing claimants before the Treasury Department and offices thereof."

To become an EA, we have to pass a three-part comprehensive examination (Individuals, Businesses and Representation, Practice, and Procedure) which covers all aspects of the tax code or have worked at the IRS for five years in a position where you were required to interpret and apply the tax code on an ongoing basis as part of your job. All EA candidates must pass a background check conducted by the IRS which includes looking into your personal tax history. (Sorry, but if the IRS finds delinquent tax payments/filings or other discretions, you’re out of luck.) However, in the case of representing a client before the IRS, (e.g. such as in the case of a tax audit) the CPA also has those privileges.


The difference between a CPA and an EA is the additional degreed education requirement, the two years of time involved in public accounting, and passing the CPA exam. 

We assist with a variety of financial issues, which include audits, collections, and appeals. If you are looking for a tax professional anywhere from Orange County, Los Angeles, to Long Beach, then give us a call!

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Tax planning & preparation
Business consulting
Government guidelines
We have a network of outside experts who can provide any additional specialized service you may require

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Our success is the success of the many people who have taken advantage of and benefitted from our accounting services. When you partner with us, you will benefit by people who share your goals.

It is never too early to start preparing for significant life events, both the predictable and the unpredictable. The decisions you make today will affect your life tomorrow. With a thorough understanding of your financial situation and by working together, we can customize a plan that addresses your immediate needs as well as your financial goals for the future.

It is important to know that no refund is guaranteed, no matter what you may have heard. We will make sure you get every possible tax deduction to which you are entitled.